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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Coan/Philippi and bench news!

In case you're all wondering, I chose a 525 starting max and a 585 desired max for this program.

Also, I just started benching after my elbow injury in September! I hit 3x20@45 on Friday with little pain during and immediately after, but later that night it started aching fairly badly. But, this is indeed improvement and that's all I'm looking for. The injury in question is a hyperextended right elbow suffered in football in September. After the original injury, it felt very weak and 'sloppy', so to say, when extending my elbow and before I got my brace it happened 3 more times. To this day I have limited ROM asnd a good amount of pain when moving my elbow in any way at all. I think the hyperextention(s) is mostly healed, but some underlying damage was done. Oh well, it is healing to gthe point where I can work my bench up again and that is good. My best bench ever was 275, with a squat of ~525 and a deadlift of ~565-585. These lifts were at a weight of 340+, though, as opposed to my current 295. If you're wondering why my squat seems high based on deadlift, I wear wraps in the squat to combat knee pain and that gives me some rebound. I have god awful squat leverages, though, and wonderful deadlift ones. My bench was piss poor because I've always had elbow, wrist and shoulder problems.


  1. Damn man, those are some impressive numbers. Watch out for those past injuries though. I herniated a few disk in my back when I played football in high school. That injury alone threw my compound strength numbers out of the window and I have yet to fully recover that strength. Good luck dude.